About Us Making transport simple and efficient through collaboration.

Why we do what we do

The transport industry is in troubled waters. Forwarders suffer from bad utilization and manual processes. Shippers do not get the best possible rates and service due to the inefficiencies.
Solving the issues by „digitizing“ the transport process, focusing on the optimization connection between shipper and forwarder is in our opinion not sufficient. We think that this “vertical“ optimization will not unleash the full potential that exists in the processes. We at COLO21 strongly believe that the industry needs a collaborative approach. There needs to be also a „horizontal“ optimisation on the shipper side. Only when shippers, forwarders and carriers work together closely on the increase of the utilization and the digitization of the processes, a real change for the industry can be achieved.
When we find a joint path, we will be able to optimize costs, create optimal processes and reduce the pollution caused by the transport industry.

What we do to fulfill our vision

To achieve in what we believe, we have developed a suite of different services that all have the same goal: Simplifying the collaboration between all parties involved in the transportation process.
Companies using our services shall on one side benefit from the advantages of collaboration, but always stay independent. Our services are easy to use, without upfront investment and with a direct impact on the daily business. Our services support the shipper/shipper collaboration as well as the shipper/forwarder, forwarder/forwarder and the forwarder/carrier collaboration.

Who we are

In 2014 a creative group out of experienced industry experts with a proven track record in the forwarding business and IT-Specialists with latest technology skill-set founded COLO21. The company name COLO21 means „Co-Loading for the 21st. Century“, addressing the goal of our company to optimise utilisation by cooperation. We have our offices near Ulm/South Germany. We have our feet on the ground and our Heads are as clear as the blue sky here in beautiful Baden-Württemberg. In the meantime we have processed 2 mio. shipments through our system.

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