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Freight Procurement Groups

Increase your purchasing power, get better freight rates and better quality by building alliances. Use this proven business logic from other industries now also for your freight procurement. Simple. Better. Together.

For Shippers

Shipment Management

Book and manage all your shipments with one tool. Keep track of status and measure the delivery quality of your fowarders objectively with COLO21´s unique DPI-Logic. Simple. Convenient. Digital.

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Sales channel

Benefit from our expandig sales network as well as online solutions. Get more customers, improve loyalty and concentrate on your core competencies while we serve you with new business opportunities for regular longterm business.

For Forwarders

Why join our Digital Freight Community? Learn why this is also a solution for you

Easy Collaboration

Because it is the only place on the internet for simple and efficient collaboration between shippers to gain purchasing power. Purchasing partners can easily build alliances without losing their independence.

Reduced Costs

Because the consolidation of volumes leads to better capacity utilization on the forwarder side. A real win-win situation between forwarders and shippers. Digitized processes bring additional savings in the administration.

Improved Quality

Because larger volumes lead to more stability in the process and shorter delivery times. Quality measurement for all shipments allows quick reaction on quality issues.

Reduced Emissions

Because higher utilization of transport capacities leads to lower emissions per transported unit. The carbon footprint can be actively reduced by consolidation of shipment flows.

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