Freight Procurement Groups for Shippers Increase your purchasing power

The larger the purchased volume, the lower the price. Everybody knows this. Since centuries, companies have established procurement alliances to increase their purchasing power together with other companies COLO21 brings this proven business logic now to freight procurement.

Join our freight procurement groups and immediately benefit from better tariffs and digitized processes. The more companies we can channel in a group, the bigger the purchasing power. So invite more Shippers to increase the benefits for everyone. Although you are in a group, you remain independent. Your competitor or neighbor will not know that you benefit from each other. You strengthen your position towards the forwarder and COLO21 is the Digital Freight Community platform that enables you to build up a strategic freight procurement. Even the forwarders benefits by this consolidation, as they get more shipment orders and a better utilization. Better prices. Better quality. Better together.

Lower Prices

Consolidation of demand to excellent regional forwarders. Especially small and medium sized companies benefit by a key account pricing, realized within our freight procurement groups.

Strengthen your procurement

Whether your a shipper or a forwarder. Consolidation within procurement makes perfect sense and saves money for everyone. Benefit by a higher market transparency, a higher variety and a consolidated procurement.

Win-win situation

The lower prices, offered by our freight procurement group providers, are realized without an impact on the profitability of them. Through a higher utilization, more stops and shorter trips, as well as a better mixture of order structures, forwarders are enabled to offer these prices with ease.

Join or create a freight procurement group

Freight procurement groups FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • What shall I do to benefit from FPG?
    Register free of charge on our platform. Join existing groups of shippers or create your own groups. Invite other shippers to grow your group and increase the purchasing power. The more shippers and forwarders you invite, the higher your benefit.
  • What are examples for freight procurement groups?
    Wine importers build a „wine-express“ from France to Sweden. Or to Singapore. Automotive suppliers forming a „NAFTA-Express“ between Canada and Mexico. DIY-Suppliers who consolidate their volume to a DIY-Retailer in Italy. These are just some examples about what you can do within a Freight Procurement Group.
  • Who are the contract partners?
    The contract parties are the shippers and the forwarders directly. Special agreements are to be negotiated between the contract parties directly (including insurance topics, KPI etc.). Each shipper remains independent. The forwarder invoices the freight costs directly to the shipper. Forwarder and shipper handle the daily communication directly, without involvement of COLO21.
  • I am happy with my forwarder. Can I continue to work with him?
    Yes, you can. Invite him to become a provider for one of our freight procurement groups. He will benefit from more volume and from more customers. You strengthen your position towards your forwarder.