Shipment Management Simple. Convenient. Digital.

The daily management of your shipments can cause a lot of headaches. Every forwarder has their own system for booking and status management. You have to log-in to different websites for your shipments, which makes shipment management complicated.

Having all shipment information from all forwarders in one system gives you full control and simplifies your daily work significantly. Manage all your shipments for air, ocean and road freight within our convenient shipment management solution. The unique DPI (Delivery Performance Index) measures the service quality based on objective criteria. Get all status messages and proof of deliveries online. Compare the service quality of your forwarders and improve it actively. Members of our freight procurement groups and users of our modular solutions automatically benefit from this unique technology as it is integrated into all our services.
Simple. Convenient. Digital.

Track and Trace

Have all the tracking information in one tool. Whether you use the services of only one providers or hundreds. Our easy setup allows to manually enter status information and also enables every forwarder to send us the necessary data automatically.

Quality Reports

See the delivery performance with ease and have your service providers automatically measured. This not only works for shippers but also for forwarders to review their internal quality and identify and address problems within their transport management.

POD Management

For several year it has been mandatory by law to have the proof of deliveries ready and archived. With our simple solution you can easily upload the POD manually or automatically and quicken the invoicing process, as well as lower the service and administrational efforts.

Get an instant overview of your transports

Shipment Management FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book shipments?
    You can manually enter your transport orders in a web template for road, air or ocean freight shipments. If you have many shipments, we can connect your order management system via EDI or API to COLO21.
  • What does the Delivery Performance Index (DPI) measure?
    The DPI measures the on-time delivery performance of your shipments. It also measures the time, the forwarder needs for updating the delivery status and the availability of the delivery document. Out of this we create an index for every single shipment (star rating). You can aggregate this information to see the quality of a certain forwarder for all your shipments.
  • What if the forwarder does not provide status messages?
    It is in the own interest of the forwarder to provide the status messages as quickly as possible. Otherwise his DPI will go down and he will not attract additional customers.
  • Can I do searches within the shipment list?
    You can search for your shipments in many different ways. Order number, delivery date, shipment size, consignee etc.
  • Can I download proofs of delivery?
    As soon as the delivery document or the electronic proof of delivery has been uploaded by the forwarder, it is visible for you. You can download it and forward it.
  • What about the data security and stability of the system?
    Our system is hosted at the largest provider of cloud services in the world. It takes care for a stable system environment. All data is stored in Germany. We guarantee that shipment data can only be seen by the directly involved contract parties. Members of the freight procurement groups can only see their own data, not the data of other members.