Saleschannel for forwarders Reduce your cost of sales

COLO21 provides you with a new sales channel. We use sales partners, sales agents of forwarders and contract logistics companies as well as regional logistics experts.

We use regional freight experts with contact to shippers and digital channels to also reach out to the small and medium sized companies. You receive tailored business opportunities to your services. Therefore we are only dealing with regular business, so we bring new long term customers. Due to the building of freight procurement groups you have the chance to serve a bigger group at once. We will not replace your sales deparment, but we can support it cost efficient as an additional channel. More customers, better customer mix, better planable volumes.

New customers

As an additional sales channel we bring new shippers fitted to your services and sometimes in bulk, because of our freight procurement groups. You can also improve your customer loyalty since through the COLO21 logic you are able to act as a full service provider and to satisfy every need of your customers via COLO21.

Regular business

Our focus is regular business and specific business opportunities for long-term success stories. The business relation remains always in your control, because we only act as a broker. No matter if road, sea or air freight.

Cost efficient

All earnings generated from business which is set up via COLO21 will be split in different ways. So for every business opportunity you enter, you will get a kick back as soon as the business is running via COLO21. This way you get a direct benefit by entering opportunities of your clients which you can not serve on your own.

Contact our support for details or to meet our logistics experts.

Sales channel FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are the contractual relationships?
    COLO21 conveys direct business relationships between shipper and forwarder. We sign a brokerage agreement with the forwarder. The forwarder pays our fees. COLO21 supports the whole offer process until the final signing of the contract between forwarder and shipper. As COLO21 gets a fee based on the number of transactions, we are keen to close the deal as quickly as possible.
  • Will we not lose our customers?
    You know your customers and their requirements. COLO21 only introduces you to new clients. You further develop your long-term relationship with the client directly.
  • Why does COLO21 reach more shippers than we could do ourselves?
    COLO21 uses different channels to identify business opportunities with shippers. We have built a network of cluster representatives and sales partners with direct shipper contacts. Regional or product-oriented freight procurement groups lead to a multiplier effect among the shippers. Shippers can also place their transport demand via the platform. Additionally forwarders can put in business opportunities for business they can not handle themselves.
  • Why are there membership fees and not only transactional fees?
    COLO21 is a broker for regular business and not for spotbusiness. The costs of COLO21 therefore have to be compared with the costs for a own sales organization. The COLO21 process is not fully digitized on purpose. Freight experts personally take care of the brokerage process and ensure a close communication between the parties.
  • Is there a possibility to test COLO21 free of charge?
    Forwarders can register free of charge and offer their services. If no premium or standard forwarder is interested in the opportunity, the free of charge forwarders receive the request. If a contract is finally signed between a shipper and the forwarder, a standard-membership is mandatory.
  • Do we receive all business opportunities?
    No, do not worry. You will not be permanently spammed by a ton of non relevant business opportunities. After your registration, you will be contacted by a COLO21 employee. You define the transport relations you are interested in and your service details and we enter them into the system.
  • Is it mandatory to use the COLO21 platform?
    If the shipper wishes a direct connection to your shipment platform, we have no objections. In this case you have to inform us monthly about the number of shipments that you have transferred. So it is up to you and the shipper whether you are using an external shipment processing or the COLO21 platform.
  • Does COLO21 lead to an even harder price competition?
    There is of course competition between the forwarders on the platform. The shippers expect this from a platform like ours. Freight rates are being negotiated individually between shipper and forwarder. They are not published on our platform. We recommend the forwarder that it is in today┬┤s freight market situation to agree on fair prices. This ensures a higher stability in the service quality. Shippers who are just looking to drill prices down are being rejected by us. By optimizing the customer-mix (more small and medium sized customers with a higher price level), the average shipment price can be increased which leads to a higher gross profit.